See the crazy people partying. I sent a mail to all party initiators to send me their party pictures for inclusion here. So you can all check how other geeks around the world had their 1.0 release party :-))

I have Pictures. What shall I do now?

4 (!!!) new parties! [Update: 2002-06-21 00:43]

One in London, Ecuador, the USA and France (Paris). So we have 16 Parties! The San Francisco Party received some updates too. So be sure to check things out :-)

The Mozilla Cake! [Update 2002-06-13 02:01]

Michael Kimsal sent his mozilla cake photo in. More details can be found on:

The main Gallery

Europe::Vienna - Release It!

Party Entry: Available here.
There were 40 people at our party :). We printed T-Shirts, cheered for 1.0 and upcoming 2.0 ;). There even were some chicks :D

Australia::Melbourne - Aussie Mozzie Party

Party Entry: Available here.
It was a cold and windy Melbourne night, but that didn't stop the Mozilla faithfull. They arrived (almost 20 in all) to Prince Alfred's Hotel in Carlton, to pay tribute to the lizard (who was in attendance). The weather was getting quite cold, so many went inside for a game of pool (including the lizard).

North America::Houston - Houston Mozilla Release Party

Party Entry: Available here.
An enjoyable bash at the Saint Arnold Brewery.  We drank rather a lot of truly excellent beer, gave out t-shirts, red leis, door-prizes, lots of pizza, mozilla-themed cake, and some really awful Mozilla temporary-tattoos.  It was great getting to meet some fellow Moz-enthusiasts (some from as far as Dallas and Louisiana) and the unlimited beer supply didn't hurt the festivities one bit, either!  We'll put our writeup of the party on Batmantis.

Asia::Malaysia::Kuala Lumpur - Mozilla Cicak Party

Party Entry: Available here.
It was a rainy evening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the with the rains came traffic jams all over the city. This however didnt stop about 20 people who were faithful to the lizard, or the cicak as we call it, from turning up first at Oliver's Sandwiches for dinner and thence on to the Roof, Bangsar for beers. Lots of cheering the cicak and open source in general. Hope to be here again for Release 2.0.

Australia::Western Australia::Perth - wauzilla

Party Entry: Available here.
Perth, Western Australia: small, friendly, personal party, with notebook pc and dinosaur head. Enjoyed by all.

Europe::Germany::Munich - Mozilla eins-null-null

Party Entry: Available here.
mir san mir und wer seids ihr? we are us and who are you ... [ kinda a hard to translate] mozilla rocks rocks bavaria
cheers Jan & Phillip & many more

Europe::Germany::Nordersted - Headcrash Logical Systems Mozilla Release Party

Party Entry: Available here.
Hello Mozilla Folks,
were are enjoying ourselves and drinking Beck`s Beer. We like Mozilla and we hope the new browsergeneration will be born. We are missing our girls, therefore we have lot of fun.
Best wishes from Ralf, Knut und Peter

North America::Virginia::Richmond - Richmond Mozilla Party

Party Entry: Available here.
Nine people turned out for the Richmond, VA Mozilla release party on 6-12-02 at Bandito's Burrito Lounge.  We tempered the volcanic burritos with cool margaritas and talked about rolling out the lizard to be the standard browser (replacing Netscape 4.7x) for the 200 public and 150 staff desktops in the Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries!
"Libraries for the Lizard!"  Woo-hoo!

Europe::Netherlands::Utrecht - root@utrecht: cvs up

Party Entry: Available here.
About 40 geekily-dressed people turned up on this lovely summer night. Cheers went out to Mozilla, both current and future releases, and the upcoming Debian Woody release.
(please excuse the red eyes and overexposure, camera handles low light conditions poorly).
I put up the pictures myself at

North America::Washington::Seattle - In the Empire's Shadow

Party Entry: Available here.
(I received this 3 times from different people ;-)
I'm one of 3 people that took photos from Mozilla Release Party #92 in Seattle, WA on 2002-06-12. I hope you don't mind a link to the zip instead of emailing it. Let me know if this doesn't work and I can still email it to you. Feel free to use or not use whatever you want from this set.
The party was at The Garage in Capitol Hill, a very cool billiards hall with 18 tables. It was a warm night. The atmosphere rocked, there was geek talk, non-geek talk, munching, drinking, and much rejoicing!

Europe::Germany::Cologne - IE funeral

Party Entry: Available here.
(1st pics: Richard Körber, 2nd part: Aresch Yavari): About 35 people have met in the Volksgarten, a big park in Cologne. We had a BBQ and a lot of fun and nice talking till late at night. Tux was also celebrating with us. You can find some more pictures at

North America::San Francisco - Mozilla 1.0 Party

Party Entry: Available here.
It's the San Francisco Mozilla Party with a few shots of Cory, Matt, Scott, Rebecca, Jesse, Chris, and yrs truly. I hope that's cool.
Also posted here:

Europe::UK::London -

Party Entry: Available here.
We came, we saw, we drank. The cake was nice.

South America::Ecuador::Quito - quito mozilla release party

Party Entry: Available here.
Five people, four different nationalities, 40% female participation *g*, no locals, Ecuadorian beer. A very nice evening at latitude 0º.

North America::USA::Idaho::Rockland - ARLUG Mozilla 1.0 Release Party

Party Entry: Available here.
ARLUG (American Falls Rockland Linux User Group) photos. We watched the Matrix, drank Mountain Dew, ate chips, and checked out Mozilla. -David "PHX1" Huerta ARLUG Webmaster

Europe::France::Paris - frozilla Fete 1.0.0

Party Entry: Available here.
The Paris Party took place friday night (2002/06/14) at the "Web Bar", 32 rue de Picardie, Paris 3eme. Members included coders, evangelists, users, even the designer of some Mozilla t-shirts. One member had a tie :-) . It ended around 1AM on saturday, after a few beers. Around 10 people attended.
Photos made by: Tristan Nitot and Daniel Glazman, also available here:

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