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Hey! You know, we all wanna close this freaking bug #100309! It's all about having a 1.0.0 release party... Humm, well I guess there will be more than one mozilla party going on. So here is some party-hack, I put together quickly.

Check List

Add your party suggestion (time's over)

  1. Add yourself (CC) to the mozilla party-bug: #100309 to keep up-to date.
  2. Check here (scroll down) to check, if there's already a party going on in your home-town or surroundings
  3. Found one: add your e-mail to the party :-) and wait for the release
  4. If there isn't one: Dont' worry -- :) If you wanna have a relase party, or know a nice meeting place or some good place to go to. (Cheap Beer and stuff :) Just add a party-suggestion. As soon people add themselfes to your party -- be ready.
  5. Be sure you take photos :)

If you wanna chat & discuss your party...

Go to the party-bug #100309. This page just tries to give an overview of some partys that will go on on the R-day :)


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