Automatic Playlist Generation

Automatic Playlist Generation for your Digital MP3 Collection

This page is dedicated to automatic playlist generation techniques. Currently everything is still in a very early experimental stage - but maybe one day... :-)

MoC (short form of Master of Celebration) is an automatic playlist generation tool, freely available for download on this page. The tool currently uses a newly delveloped music similarity technique described by Jean-Julien Aucouturier and Francois Pachet in their paper: Music Similarity Measures: What's the Use?. This technique is used in MoC for unattended playlist generation. Developing the tool was the main task of my interim at the IMKAI Institute of the University of Vienna.
MoC run under GNU/Linux and, though it's by far not perfect yet, it's in daily use on my PC for quick playlist generation.

Documents & Presentations

Available documentation, background information and presentations about automatic playlist generation and in this very case about the playlist tool MoC - Master of Celebration:

  • Final Presentation of MoC, my interim work: PDF, OpenOffice SXI
  • Detailled Description of MoC: PDF. Included in this paper are examples of playlists generated and a guide for installing MoC on your Linux machine.


Download MoC and try it yourself! :)


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