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Hey! You know, we all wanna close this freaking bug #100309! It's all about having a 1.0.0 release party... Humm, well I guess there will be more than one mozilla party going on. So here is some party-hack, I put together quickly.

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  1. Add yourself (CC) to the mozilla party-bug: #100309 to keep up-to date.
  2. Check here (scroll down) to check, if there's already a party going on in your home-town or surroundings
  3. Found one: add your e-mail to the party :-) and wait for the release
  4. If there isn't one: Dont' worry -- :) If you wanna have a relase party, or know a nice meeting place or some good place to go to. (Cheap Beer and stuff :) Just add a party-suggestion. As soon people add themselfes to your party -- be ready.
  5. Be sure you take photos :)

If you wanna chat & discuss your party...

Go to the party-bug #100309. This page just tries to give an overview of some partys that will go on on the R-day :)


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Party #2 - Moz Party .au

Country: Australia
State: NSW
City: Sydney
Address/Bar name/ect: Manly
Comments: Details are at

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Party #7 - Mozilla1.0 Release Memorial Free Seminar and Party

Address/Bar name/ect:
SONPO-KAIKAN(Tokyo, Akihabara Or Ochanomizu)
Comments: May 18th, 2002 15:00-19:30 Details and Agenda is Everybody come!

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Party #9 - Urulla

Country: Uruguay
State: Montevideo
City: Montevideo
Address/Bar name/ect: CyberCafé UruWay, 
Colonia 1955 esq. Arenal Grande
Comments: La fecha es aconfirmar, dependindo si hay o no algún uruguayo por estas web's.

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Party #21 - Aussie Mozzie Party

Country: Australia
State: Victoria
City: Melbourne
Address/Bar name/etc: Somewhere in (or
near) the city.  TBA
Comments: Date TBA

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Party #22 - Moz Party

Country: Pakistan
State: Sind
City: Karachi
Address/Bar name/etc: Tariq's place.
4-E-1/6 Nazimabad Karachi 74600. Map at
Comments: Date and time will be confirmed on the mailing list and the final date posted on

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Party #35 - First Ver 1 Party in the World!!!

Country: New Zealand
City: Wellington
Address/Bar name/etc: Vespa Bar, Blair
St, City (other suggestions)
Comments: Thanks to NZ's timzone this will be the first release party in the world! Come along! Wednesday, June 12 8pm. Come down for a couple of drinks with me (Paul) to celebrate!

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Party #36 - Mozilla Go@Hong Kong

Country:Hong Kong
State:Hong Kong
City:Hong Kong
Address/Bar name/etc: Rick's Cafe, TST
Other suggestions totally welcome.  
This may also be subject to the actual 
release date.  Stay Tune.
Comments: On the day that 1.0.0 comes alive

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Party #41 - Israel Mozilla party

Country: Israel
City: Probably Tel-Aviv
Address/Bar name/etc: Not decided yet
Comments: Open to suggestions, about places... just wanted to show that there are also people from Israel who want to party!
We have a party website go there for the current status of this party!!!

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Party #42 - quito mozilla release party

Country: Ecuador
State: Province, you mean?
City: Quito
Address/Bar name/etc: the reina victory
or turtle's head.  dunno yet ;).
Comments: When will your party be exactly.. umm... On the day of 1.0.0 or the Weekend following. Mail the people or talk in the bugzilla bug if things change.

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Party #45 - Tie-One-On in Taiwan Sexy Dancing Party for Mozilla.

Address/Bar name/etc: TU, the place to 
Comments: First Friday after Mozilla gets released go to TU and shake yo booty.

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Party #48 - Mozilla Release get together

Country: Brazil
State: MG
City: Belo Horizonte
Address/Bar name/etc: Several
possibilities. Maria de Lourdes is one
of my favorites.
Comments: Saturday afternoon, on the weekend after Moz 1.0 gets released. Or whenever we agree uppon. Contact via e-mail for further details.

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Party #59 - Aguante Mozilla

Country: Argentina
State: Buenos Aires
City: LA Plata
Address/Bar name/etc:  Plaza Italia
Comments: Apenas salga vamos a juntarnos en la plaza disfrazados de iguanas y a emborracharnos hasta morir!

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Party #64 - mozilloud

Brazil, Rio
Terraço do Cine Iris
Comments: Primeira LOUD depois do release ( [podem sugerir outro lugar/data..]

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Party #69 - Arty Farty Party

Address/Bar name/etc: Sarai
Where the Linux Meeting Happen...
Comments: Has to be decided yet.....

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Party #79 - KPzilla!

Country: Peru
State: Lima
City: Lima
Address/Bar name/etc: someplace where
beers are free as sotware is :D
Comments: all other browser users will be rejected :P hehe (j/k) all ppl is invited :) Esperamos que todos puedan venir! :)

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Party #94 - Mint Moz Party - The OTHER First Moz party in the world.

Country: New Zealand
City: Christchurch
Address/Bar name/etc: Mint Flat
Comments: Seeing as we are also in New Zealand, we'll be competeing for title: "First Moz Party in the World". Although it's more likely we'll have it the weekend following. Although the majority of people we invite may not KNOW its a MOZ party, but there should be quite a few chicks coming. So it's all good. Beat me with a sandwich and call me a kitten. Oh.... and I want drugs. Bring drugs. Or rather don't... talk to me about it. But ask for my PGP key first.

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Party #95 - Mozilla CHUTA BUNDAS (kick ass)

Country: Brazil
State: Ceará
City: Fortaleza
Address/Bar name/etc: Somewhere at 
Comments: Viva o mozilla 1.0 sem o bug maldito que não deixava ver o source!

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Party #99 - Bienvenido a Santiago, Lagarto Mozilla!

Country: Chile
City: Santiago
Address/Bar name/etc: Lanzas/Plaza Ñuñoa
Comments: El día que salga, nos encontramos a las 20hrs en el Lanzas.

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Party #105 - Funeral do IE. E o lançamento do novo e espetacular Mozilla 1.0.0.

Address/Bar name/etc: Amazonas shopping 
em frente ao Allegro. Se tiverem uma 
sugestão melhor... manda um e-mail.
Comments: Vamos celebrar mais uma vitória da comunidade open source... e celebrar tambem o funeral do IE.

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Party #113 - Mozfest @ Recife

Country: Brazil
State: Pernambuco
City: Recife
Address/Bar name/etc: unknown (join 
group to know the options)
Comments: June, 15. Barbecue is the first idea, but the polls are open for other options. If you are a nerd and live in the north- east of Brazil, you can't miss it. Women welcome!

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Party #117 - la mozillation

Country: Chile
State: Metropolitana
City: Santiago
Address/Bar name/etc: por fijar
Comments: ...todo depende de cuantos se inscriban...

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Party #120 - Open Manguaça Mozparty

Country: Brazil
State: São Paulo
City: São Paulo
Address/Bar name/etc: Sinuca da Rua
Cardeal Arcoverde, 1748 (Vila Madalena,
pinheiros). Fica quase na esquina com a
Fradique Coutinho.
Comments: Dia 12/06! À partir das 18:00 Tragam seus cds da AOL / UOL para o ritual de incineração.

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Party #126 - Brisvegas Party

Country: Australia
State: Queensland
City: Brisbane
Address/Bar name/etc: Somewhere in the city
Comments: When will your party be exactly.. umm... On the day of 1.0.0 or the Weekend following. Mail the people or talk in the bugzilla bug if things change.

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Party #132 - Makan makan Mozilla

Address/Bar name/etc: Bangunan Dato Nazir
Comments: Gendang gendut tali kecapi; Mozilla makan sate. When will your party be exactly.. umm... 15 th June 2002, 11:59.00rc3 am Mail the people or talk in the bugzilla bug if things change. refer Mypenguin99 archive

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Party #134 - Bogotá - Mozilla

Country: Colombia
City: Bogotá
Address: San Jose de Babaria, llamar al
celular 310-4765056
Comments: Date: Friday the 7th.

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