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Hey! You know, we all wanna close this freaking bug #100309! It's all about having a 1.0.0 release party... Humm, well I guess there will be more than one mozilla party going on. So here is some party-hack, I put together quickly.

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  1. Add yourself (CC) to the mozilla party-bug: #100309 to keep up-to date.
  2. Check here (scroll down) to check, if there's already a party going on in your home-town or surroundings
  3. Found one: add your e-mail to the party :-) and wait for the release
  4. If there isn't one: Dont' worry -- :) If you wanna have a relase party, or know a nice meeting place or some good place to go to. (Cheap Beer and stuff :) Just add a party-suggestion. As soon people add themselfes to your party -- be ready.
  5. Be sure you take photos :)

If you wanna chat & discuss your party...

Go to the party-bug #100309. This page just tries to give an overview of some partys that will go on on the R-day :)


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European Parties

Party #1 - Release it!

Country: Austria/Oesterreich
State: Vienna/Wien
City: Vienna/Wien
Address/Bar name/ect: Wipplingerstr. 16
/ Passauerplatz 2
1010 Vienna
Comments: Party is on 07.06.2002 at 20:15
The Paddy O'Brians has cheap beer :) During the week it's 1.50 Eur. I guess I'll be in the paddys anyway. The URL for the pub is:
There is a mailinglist to chat with all people interested in this party:, to subscribe send an empty mail to: Subscribe and send a mail to if you plan to come.

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Party #6 - esMoz Party-La fiesta

Address/Bar name/ect:We will think about
it-Pero tengo una idea cerca de Moncloa
Comments: On the day of 1.0.0 or the Weekend following, the weather here is going to be great by then. Pues en principio en cuanto salga lo mas pronto posible, es el momento ideal para conocernos, en cualquier caso como puedes no estar en Madrid si te dejas caer por #esmoz lo charlamos.

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Party #8 -

Organiser: Gerv
Country: UK
City: London
Address: Depending on response, it'll be
take-away and a chill-out at my place
(EN2 8LX - about 1/2 an hour by train
out of London, in Enfield, just off the
M25) or at a central London pub. People
coming from a distance are welcome to
stay the night - I have two sofa beds
and plenty of floor.
Comments: Comments: On the weekend following 1.0.0, assuming something really important doesn't come up. Sign up, and let's negotiate.

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Party #10 - mozilla dot party dot dk

Country: Denmark
City, Address/Bar name/ect: Somewhere :-)
Comments: When and where to hold the party will be decided when/if we've gathered some participants. Details available at

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Party #13 - Super Mega Mozilla Party

Country:Czech Republic
State:Czech Republic
City:Plzen, Pilsen
Address/Bar name/ect:Club Dabluv Klin
Comments: When will your party be exactly.. umm... On the day of 1.0.0 or the Weekend following. Mail the people or talk in the bugzilla bug if things change.

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Party #14 - be one dot oh

Country: Belgium
State: n/a
City: Leuven
Address/Bar name/ect: 
Quarter Mile
Leuven City
Comments: This is one of the finest birthday presents ever! Celebrate with me.

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Party #17 - Mozilla eins-null-null

Address/Bar name/etc: Bestbytes HQ
Comments: Check for more information

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Party #18 - Mozillzooom-oh-mania

Country: Switzerland
City: St. Gallen
Address: Die drei Weihern, at the entrance
Comments: The party will take place on 06/15/2002; Saturday Evening following the Mozilla 1.0.0 release. It'll start at about 19:00 MET. You're allowed to bring your own beer, if you think it won't be having enough :)

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Party #19 - IE funeral

Country: Germany
City: Cologne
Address/Bar name/etc: To be announced...
Comments: See the party page:

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Party #20 - Mozzi rulezzza dibbbrutto :)

Country: Italy
State: Italy doesn't have states you
idiot :P
City: Milano, Lombardia!!!
Address/Bar name/etc: you will get to
know the exact address as soon as we
have the *FINAL* partecipant list
Comments: The party will be *THE* day, Wednesday, June 12, 2002, around 21.00 :) JOIN THA PARTY ;)

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Party #27 - root@utrecht: cvs up

Country: the Netherlands
State: Utrecht
City: Utrecht
Address/Bar name/etc: 
de Vriendschap, het Wed
Comments: June 12, 2002. Everyone is invited! Starts at 21:00 local time. Ends when the last bar in Utrecht closes...
Check out:

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Party #28 - Mozilla@rende

Country: Italy
State: Calabria
City: Rende (Commenda/Roges/Quattromiglia)
Address/Bar name/etc: dipende da quanti
Comments: ok, per ora questa č solo un'idea (del resto non so nemmeno quanta gente riuscirň a coinvolgere, al limite aprirň una bottiglia di spumante da solo), ma se ci sono abbastanza partecipanti ci si puň organizzare per bene. fatemi sapere, godzilla

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Party #31 - Mozilla Party Jena

Country: Germany
State: Thueringen
City: Jena
Address/Bar name/etc: Don't know now ...
let's see how many ppl we get ... 

Contact: visit #studies on
(german chat), you can find me there
Comments: I propose the first weekend (saturday?) after the release ... wednesday doesn't sound so good ;)

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Party #32 - Headcrash Logical Systems Mozilla Release Party

Address/Bar name/etc: 
Headcrash Logical Systems Headquarter
oder -falls zu viele kommen- 
beim Griechen Naxos
Comments: Release Day 20:00 Bitte mailt uns an, wenn Ihr kommen wollt

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Party #33 - To be determined

Country: Germany
State: Berlin / Brandeburg
City: Berlin
Address/Bar name/etc: To be determined.
Comments: When will your party be exactly.. umm... On the day of 1.0.0 or the Weekend following. To be determined. Add yourself so we can figure something out!

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Party #37 - Mozilla 1.0 attendees from Derby

Country: UK
State:   Derbyshire
City:    Derby
Address/Bar name/etc: Sherwood Forester,
St Thomas Road, just off A5111 nr
Showcase Cinema/MegaBowl/Pizza Hut/Oast
Comments: It's located here.Weekend (Saturday) after the release. I'm expecting me and my missus to be the only ones there, but then we'll probably be there that Saturday anyway, so that's no loss. The Sherwood has cheap drinks, two pool tables, a jukebox and even sells food. Other activities could be arranged for before/afterwards.

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Party #40 - Swedezilla

Country: Sweden
State: Stockholm
City: Stockholm
Address/Bar name/etc: any ideas?
Comments: Hade varit väldigt kul... Om 1.0:an släpps innan 12 juni är jag i Göteborg.

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Party #47 - The Microsoft Mozilla Fan club party

State:West Mids
City:birmingham / solihull
Comments: If people wanna hook up on the saturday night afterwards... we can celebrate the begining of the end in style :)

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Party #51 - Mozilla, sun, sea and sand. We're in Istanbul!

Country: Turkey
State: -
City: Istanbul
Address/Bar name/etc: 
Perpa Ticaret Merkezi No: 1932
Kat: 11 Sisli
Comments: Our party will take place on the first Saturday of the week 1.0 is released. ---> First Saturday, 18.000 <--- Beer: Free! First come, first served

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Party #57 - Drunken Dinosaur 2002

Country: Norway
City: Oslo
Address/Bar name/etc: Mail me for 
suggestions, can we go to somewhere 
with a 20yr age limit or are 18yr olds 
coming too? 
Comments: The saturday after 1.0.0?

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Party #62 - Hungarian Mozilla 1.0 Party

Address/Bar name/etc: RózsaMH or
something yet to find... please ask
before coming at for
Comments: Release day, or maybe the following Friday/weekend. A megjelenés napján vagy a legközelebbi péntek/hétvége. Ha kérdésed van, írj az A magyar mozillát a címen találod.

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Party #67 - Documenta Halle Party

Address/Bar name/etc: Documenta halle 
Comments: Lets get orgniosed first ...

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Party #72 - NödZilla

State:Västra G.
Address/Bar name/etc: Vimmersjön :D
Comments: Day of release of course! Email me if you want more details.

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Party #75 - Mozilla Booze Jamboree Finland!

Address/Bar name/etc:Yet to be decided. 
We got plenty of pubs we can choose 
Comments: The party will be held in the weekend following this major release!

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Party #76 - MoziPiffo

Country: Poland
City: Warszawa
Address/Bar name/etc: Bar ,,Podkowa'' na ul. Wawozowej
na Kabatach (ostatnia stacja metra, wysiadka, zwrot w
lewo, do baru).
Comments: When will your party be exactly.. umm... On the day of 1.0.0 or the Weekend following. Mail the people or talk in the bugzilla bug if things change.

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Party #83 - Paakaupungin Bailaus (Death To Microsoft)

Country: FINLAND
Address/Bar name/etc: TBD
Comments: Tietysti julkistamispaivana!

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Party #96 - RUparty

Country: Russia
State: -
City: Perm
Address/Bar name/etc: 
PSTU, Complex, Corpus A, gameclub on the
first floor
Comments: When will your party be exactly.. umm... On the day of 1.0.0 or the Weekend following. Mail the people or talk in the bugzilla bug if things change.

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Party #102 -

Country: Sweden
State: Västra Götaland ;-)
City: Göteborg
Address/Bar name/etc: Paddington, St. 
Comments: Sĺ fort Mozilla 1.0 är släppt, dock ej före 11:00 eftersom man inte fĺr servera öl innan dess.

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Party #103 - frozilla Fete 1.0.0

Country: France   
State: 75   
City: Paris   
Address/Bar name/etc: To be determined.  email for updates.  Probably the Bottle Shop or a 
similar bar that's not too crowded on the weekends and has 
good, cheap drinks. 
Comments: Party will be on the weekend following the release, which would likely be Friday June 14.

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Party #104 - Ukrainian Mozilla Party

Country: Ukraine
State: N/A
City: Lviv
Address/Bar name/etc: Kasteliari, Mytna
sq. (probably)
Comments: Party'll take place on weekend following the release day. All details/changes in maillist.

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Party #106 - CLX Mozilla & Install Parties

Country: France
State: Nord
City: Seclin (prčs de Lille)
Address/Bar name/etc: Club House de 
Seclin (en journée)
Comments: Organisé par le CLX ( LUG du Nord : ) le dimanche 16 juin de 9h ŕ 18h :
Présentation de Mozilla, Installation de Mozilla (avec GnuPG si besoin), Utilisation de Mozilla en navigateur, chat ou client mail.
Pour nos amis Mozilliens sous window$ : en parallčle se déroulera une install- party : Venez découvrir ou vous faire installer un systčme d'exploitation GNU/Linux !
Présentation de l'association Difdall
En soirée selon le nombre de personnes : fiesta dans un bar ou un club sympa ! :-)

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Party #111 - 1.0.1.SK

Country: Slovakia
City: Bratislava
Address/Bar name/etc: Still Open, I suggest Alibaba or Club 39 in mlynska dolina
Comments: WED, 2002-06-22 19:00 CEST (that's 17:00 UTC). Come, have a beer or kofola, have som chat :) and feel happy

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Party #112 - Mozilla 1.0.0 Release-Party

Country: Germany / Deutschland
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Address/Bar name/etc: Projektraum
Spandauer Str. 2, 10178 Berlin, früherer
Buchladen / former Bookstore
Comments: Fr. 14. June 2002 / 21.00 - more to come:

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Party #115 - Mozilla @ CCamp

Country: Germany
State: NRW
City: Bocholt (46397)
Address/Bar name/etc: FH building, 
Münsterstr. 265
Comments: The party will be on Wednesday, 12th June, starting at 7 pm. Mail to if you have any questions. When the weather is fine we will have a nice BBQ and beer. :)

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Country: Spain
State: Catalonia
City: Girona
Address/Bar name/etc: Consulta-ho a la
web del gilug.
Comments: La festa es durar a terme el cap de setmana vinent a que surti la primera versio de mozilla 1.0 Subscriu-te a la llista de Grup d'usuaris i usuaries de linux de girona per estar al dia de les novetats.

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Party #118 - Mozilla Release Party TREVISO (temp. name)

Country: Italy
City: Treviso
Address/Bar name/etc: in fase di 
definizione / yet to be decided
Comments: The party will be on the release day, 12 June 2002. Il party si terra' nel giorno della release, il 12 giugno 2002.

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Party #119 - A Prizilla Party 1.0 "on air"

Country: Belgium
State: excited
City: Antwerp
Address/Bar name/etc: Studio of Radio
Centraal, Antwerp; 1 hr Live Broadcast
on 103.9 fm.
Comments: Wednesday 12 june at 18.00 - 19.00 (local time) Sorry no webcast :-( Comments, Interviews, history, prob. contact with other parties ? More info:

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Party #121 - cifu

Country: catalunya
State: catalunya
Address/Bar name/etc: 
Comments: When will your party be exactly.. umm... On the day of 1.0.0 or the Weekend following. Mail the people or talk in the bugzilla bug if things change.

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Party #122 - Mozilla-pidu@Kambja

Address/Bar name/etc:raamatukogus 
(M?nni t?nav 9) 
Comments: Pidu toimub 12.06 algusega kell 18.00. Raamatukoguhoidja palus edasi ?elda, et ?lled peab igamees ise kaasa tooma!

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Party #123 - Bierzilla

Country: Germany
City: Duesseldorf
Address: OpenIT, Jahnstr. 18,  40215
Comments: 2002-06-12 18:00 local time Free Speech *and* Free Beer

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Party #124 - Amsterdam.MozillaParty.Net

Country: The Netherlands
City:    Amsterdam
When:    Wed 12 Jun, 21:00 - 01:00
Venue:   The Internet Cafe,
         Martelaarsgracht (close to
Central Station)
Comments: Mozilla One Dot Oh - That warrants a party, also in Amsterdam, the epicentre of cutting-edge computing in Europe.

No free beer, but free use of the computers upstairs with full Internet access and of course equipped with your favourite browser! 802.11b Wireless is also available.

For more information, visit (soon) and be sure to subscribe yourself to the announce mailing list at

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Party #128 - Tuezilla-Party

Country: Germany
State: Baden-Wuerttemberg
City: Tuebingen
Comments: Not sure yet. Will inform you if you add your eMail-address. (Maybe on the 13th at the clubhausfest)

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Party #133 - Mozilla 1.0 beer plugin party

Country: Switzerland
City: Zurich
Comments: 10.06.2002 7pm bring your own beer (10pack) see homepage for further infos!

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Party #135 - Badische Mozilla Relase Party (BAMARP)

Country: Germany
State: BW
City: Karlsruhe
Address/Bar name/etc:
Badisch Brauhaus
Stephanienstraße 38-40
Map of Karlsruhe:
Comments: We will meet at 8 o'clock in the evening on Saturday, 8th June 2002, you'll recognize our table because there will be a big Linux penguin sitting on it... Visitors to Linuxtag staying ovenight are especially welcome! -------------- Wir treffen uns am Samstag, den 8.6.2002 um 8 Uhr. Ihr erkennt unseren Tisch an einem großen Linuxpinguin, der drauf sitzt.... Besucher des Linuxtags, die in Karlsruhe übernachten sind uns besonders wilkommen.

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