Finished my Master Degree in CS

Finally! I finished my MSc degree in Computer Science (Intelligent Systems) with distinction! In Austria I am now officially a Diplom-Ingenieur. Have a look at my thesis at the project homepage, if you are interested in Automatic Playlist Generation and Intelligent Music Processing.
Now on to the next academic stop: The PhD! I will start working as an Assistant Researcher at the OFAI Intelligent Music Processing Group in Vienna and the Department of Computational Perception on the Johannes Kepler University in Linz.

Backpacking Venezuela with Peter

This summer I went backpacking Venezuela with my friend Peter. It was absolutely crazy. We saw a wild 10 meter Anaconda (and held it in our hands), went swimming in the Carribean Sea, took a Canyoning & Jungle tour and visited the Angle Falls – the highest Waterfalls of the world. Check out the photos!

Backpacking Venezuela

I've been backpacking Venezuela with my firend Peter in 2005

Firefox 1.0 Releaseparty Vienna – Photos

Like for the Mozilla 1.0 parties some time ago, I created a site to register Firefox 1.0 parties: (site dead). It was a great success: The site was linked on, and many online news-sites like and covered it. More than 8000 People registered in 380 parties – there even was a real (!) party planned on a research station on the South Pole).

Of course I organized a Release Party myself: Relase It (2). About 30 people showed up and we even printed T-Shirts – great fun ;) Of course there are photos.