Backpacking Holidays in India

This year I went backpacking to India. In 7 weeks I traveled about 5000km by train: From New Delhi to Varanasi, to Darjeeling, Kolkata (Calcutta), Puri, Chennai (Madras), Kanyakuman, Bangalore, Goa and Mumbai (Bombay) and many other places. Fortunately Indians speak English, so I wasn’t lost that much. Highlights of my traveling were passing by an elephant right in the city center of Dehli, an invitation to a real Hindi marriage, the beautiful mountains of Darjeeling, the Bars of Bangalore, Beaches of Goa, Mumbai and and and. Have a look at the photos! – maybe you can spot the elephant, which i tried to picture out of my auto rickshaw :)

A Visit at the CeBit 2004

This year my friend Jean-Philipp and I went to the CeBit in Hannover. We stayed for two days in Hamburg and drove to the Exhibition the second day. It was a cool weekend trip – In Hamburg we also visited the famous Reeper Bahn. Here are the pictures:

Cebit, 2004

Interrail 2003: EU-Eastern Enlargement Tour

This holidays Andreas, Andy and me went to Eastern Europe: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Turkey – visiting our eastern neighbors. In Bulgaria we learned a bit Cyrillic and visited the Black-Sea coast, in Poland beer was very good and cheap, Romania had the best Discos, Slovakia offered very interesting youth hostels and shopping on the Grand Bazaar in Turkey was quite an experience. Take the photo tour:

Interrail, 2003

Barbara’s and my 22nd Birthday

On 8th of July my cousin Barbara and I had a big birthday party in our garden. We both turned 22 years. Finally the photos have arrived. It was a very cool party with lots of beer :) and fine people. The photo on the left was taken from one of the roofs of the garden shed. Cheers!

Birthday Party 2003