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Barbara’s and my 22nd Birthday

On 8th of July my cousin Barbara and I had a big birthday party in our garden. We both turned 22 years. Finally the photos have arrived. It was a very cool party with lots of beer :) and fine people. The photo on the left was taken from one of the roofs of the garden shed. Cheers!

Birthday Party 2003

Jailed in Perpingnan/France

Well, it’s been a while (actually Summer 1999) since I was stopped by the police in france: I was put on handcuffs and questioned – They thought that I’ve stolen a car… Well now OE3 (The national radio station here in Austria) thought, that this story was cool, they phoned me and this is the result on-air: (German, mp3) Festnahme/MP3

JFK::JFK Fuc**** Killerz

JFKThis is our Linux Software engineering project for 2002: a 2d multiplayer shoot them up. Windblows users: This is a Linux game! Stefan is working on making it run on Windows too, so maybe there will be a windows version too sometime. We already released 0.1, currently we’re working towards a new version, rewriting pretty much of the code. Check out for updates and new version.

Mozilla 1.0.0 Release Parties

I created a Mozilla party organizer, for the Mozilla 1.0.0 release (Dirty php-script) and officially attached the address to the bugzilla Mozilla-Party-Bug: #100309. It was a great success! After getting a slashdot article with 370 Comments :-D, over 3000 people had registered release-parties. After that publicity mozparty even got a link on the official Mozilla 1.0 release page –, an article on, and quite a bunch of other newspapers and pages I can’t remember.

Have a look at some party pictures: